• The Blob That Eats Kids

      I blame teachers unions a lot for our failed education system. But they aren't the only ones responsible. In this week's syndicated column, I take on the education "Blob".

      The Blob includes the teachers unions, but also janitors and principals unions, school boards, PTA bureaucrats, local politicians and so on.

      They hold power because the government's monopoly on K-12 education eliminates most competition. Kids are assigned to schools, and a bureaucracy decides who goes where and who learns what. Over time, its tentacles expand and strangle attempts to reform. Since they have no fear of losing their jobs to competitors, monopoly bureaucrats can resist innovation for decades.

      The Blob hates competition. Ben Chavis started 3 schools in Oakland, California. His school's work. They have the high test scores to prove it.

      So what does the education Blob decide to do? Shut his schools down.

      School board members don't like Chavis. I understand why. He's obnoxious. Arrogant. He probably broke some rules. For example, he's accused of making a profit running his schools. Horrors! A profit!

      If he did profit, I say, so what? He still got top test results with less government money. Good for him!

      But the Blob doesn't like success that's outside its monopoly. It doesn't matter that Chavis has now resigned from the school's board. Oakland may still close his schools. Think about that. As measured by student achievement, his schools are the best. But the Blob doesn't care. And the Blob has the power of government behind it.

      The rest of my column is here.