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      President Obama says the sequester is like taking "a meat cleaver to the budget."

      I wish that were true. This week, I grab a meat cleaver and point out what ought to be cut.

      Despite the big spenders' hysteria about "long TSA lines, no meat inspection, abandoned children!", the sequester doesn't even cut the budget! It just slows it's growth.

      The red line is current projected spending, the blue line includes the sequester:

      Where are the "draconian cuts?" Nowhere.

      Senator Rand Paul tells us that's why he voted against President Obama's sequester. He proposes actual cuts.

      Yaron Brook, of the Ayn Rand Institute talks about the immorality of government spending.

      Our show's special correspondent, Kennedy, discovers that college students are often clueless about the debt bomb my generation threw at them.

      Authors Joel Kotkin and Jonathon Last point out that there aren't enough workers to pay for us old folks, and if people don't start to have kids at a reasonable rate-"we're screwed!"

      But it could be worse. Economist Veronique de Rugy discusses the mess her home country of France has made for itself. Canadian-born Economist David Henderson says Canada solved its debt crisis and we should follow its lead.

      Matt Welch of Reason magazine shows how politicians distract us from the debt problem.

      Finally, although politicians say "we don't have a spending problem," some government programs are so bizarre that you can't believe they are real. Megyn Kelly and Greg Gutfield will join me as we compete to see who can guess which government programs are real...and which are fake.

      Tonight at 9pm on Fox Business.

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      Stossel - 2/28/13 - The Debt Bomb

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