• Budget Cuts

      Yesterday, I pointed out that even with the supposedly "devastating" sequester cuts, government spending still grows.

      But the sequester does bring some actual cuts. The parts of the budget labeled "discretionary" (about a third of it) would be cut about 7%.

      But that doesn't mean there's a need for "devastating" cutbacks or even cuts in basic services like air traffic control. As Senator Rand Paul points out on my show tonight at 9PM ET:

      You [can do] the entire sequester without losing a single job...

      Why don't we pay federal workers the same as we pay private workers? That'd be about 16 percent less than we pay them now. That saves 32 billion. Why don't we cut their travel budget by 25 percent? That saves another two billion. And then, if we do competitive wages and competitive bidding for contractors - that's another 19 billion.

      We should also entirely eliminate wasteful government departments and give that money back to the people who create it. But for now, the sequester is at least a baby step toward a more reasonable budget.

      For more on what we should cut, I'll have Rand Paul on my show on Fox Business this Thursday at 9PM ET.

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