• A Real State of the Union

      Last night, in his State of the Union speech, President Obama claimed: "both parties have worked together to reduce the deficit by more than $2.5 trillion - mostly through spending cuts".

      What? That's ridiculous. The "reductions" were mere promises to increase future spending less.

      Here's a graph of inflation-adjusted federal spending. Can you spot any president's spending cuts?

      I can't, either. In my syndicated column today, I write about what I WISH Obama had said.

      I have this dream - one where my president walks to the podium, and he instead says this:

      I'm so happy I won again. Now that I don't have to suck up to my base, I will be the grown-up in the room...

      I looked at the numbers, and they are scary. I made so many promises that there's no way we can pay for them.

      Take climate change. I think it's real and that man contributes, but even if America spent trillions to try to lower our carbon output, that would only make a microscopic change in world temperatures. The earth wouldn't notice.

      Some of my anti-poverty plans are worse. Now that I've been re-elected, it dawns on me that those programs I said need more investment - always more - well, they didn't work. They perpetuate poverty by making Americans dependent.

      The key to helping the poor - and being rich enough to adjust to things like climate change - is growth.

      America grew fastest when government was tiny...

      The rest of my dream speech here. You can watch a version of it on my show on Fox Business at 9pm ET this Thursday.

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