• Freedom 2.0 (airs Saturday at 3pm ET on FNC)

      The future looks bleak. Government grows bigger, debt grows, and politicians constantly pass new regulations.

      But there is good news. Technology helps us avoid clumsy government. Developments like the Internet bring us what I call "Freedom 2.0."

      Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales - who cites Hayek as an inspiration for creating Wikipedia - tells me about how the fewer rules he imposed on the site, the better it did. Economist Ed Stringham argues that the Internet proves we don't need much government regulation.

      The Internet will also make it easier for us to keep an eye on what government does, although Chris Horner says that our government uses every trick it can to avoid scrutiny.

      "Hating Breitbart" producers Maura Flynn and Evan Coyne Maloney say cell phone cameras create "Freedom 2.0" by empowering citizen journalists to expose groups like ACORN. And Instapundit.com blogger Glenn Reynolds discusses scandals exposed by what he calls "An Army of Davids" on the internet.

      And what if there were also a website that helped you buy illegal things, without government being able to stop you? Actually, there is, and it uses a nearly-anonymous online currency called Bitcoin to shield users' identities. Katherine Mangu-Ward explains.

      What will the future bring? Economist Jim Miller, the author of "Singularity Rising", says that genetics and smart robots could make us beautiful and wealthy - or lead to robots that destroy humanity.

      Freedom 2.0 starts tonight at 9pm on the Fox Business Network.

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