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      People who eat the wrong stuff may get sick. So I'm told government experts need to save us.


      One of those "experts" is NY state legislator Felix Ortiz- he helped get trans fats banned in NYC, and now wants to ban added salt. He says his regulations save lives. Joel Salatin, farmer and author of Everything I Want to do is Illegal, says "food freedom" ought to be as important as freedom to speak and own a gun.

      Dr. Pam Peeke, author of The Hunger Fix, claims some foods are addictive, like coke and meth. But she surprises me by saying she's been "Stosselized" and now sees that government shouldn't get involved in food choice.

      Remember those "startling" ABC reports earlier this year about "pink slime" in our beef? They nearly destroyed a meat company. But what ABC called "pink slime" turns out to be regular beef- and perfectly safe. Media Research Center's Dan Gainor says this is yet another example of media hating and smearing business.

      Btw, if you want to obsess about what's in your food, be aware that the FDA says your food is safe if:

      • A jar of mushrooms contains less than 20 maggots

      • A box of raisins contains less than 35 fruit-fly eggs

      • A box of pasta has no more than 450 bug parts

      Bon Appetite!

      "Experts" claim to know which foods are best for us. Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories, Bad Calories, and Peter Attia, co-founder of Nutrition Science Initiative, think that's nonsense.

      Many Americans who eat beef think it's unacceptable to eat dog or horse. It's illegal to eat horse in California and Illinois. Why do we eat what we eat? Chef Johnny Poche says many exotic foods taste great and are healthy. He cooks zebra and antelope for my audience members to try.