• Four More Years (airs Saturday 3pm ET, Sunday 10pm on FNC)

      I peer into my crystal ball on this week's show to predict what President Obama's next term will bring.

      The media says we must obsess about a fiscal cliff! But Congressman Ron Paul says, "So what?" The cliff is trivial compared to America's unsustainable debt. Economist Russ Roberts agrees. Contrary to what most politicians say, sequestration cuts wouldn't be so bad. Even a defense budget reduction wouldn't put us in danger, according to Benjamin Friedman of the CATO Institute.

      More regulations! The economy has grown slowly under the weight of thousands of pages of rules added by the Bush and Obama administrations. Entrepreneur Bob Luddy and the former Lt. Governor of New York, Betsy McCaughey, explain how the rules kill economic growth.

      A Supreme Court upheaval! With four justices over the age of 70, how many replacements will President Obama nominate? Who he appoints will serve for as long as 40 years. Fox News judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, speculates what that would mean for freedom.

      Marijuana crackdown! The citizens of Colorado and Washington voted to legalize pot, but if the feds treat state legalization the same way they have these past 4 years, more people will be jailed for doing something the President admits he did himself. Reason TV's Nick Gillespie and Theodore Dalrymple of the Manhattan Institute disagree about the war on drugs.

      More "green jobs"! The President wants what he calls clean energy, but the CATO Institute's Jerry Taylor explains that Obama, and most people, are clueless. He explodes myth after myth.

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      Stossel - 11/15/12 - Four More Years

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