• A Loss for Individual Liberty

      What does President Obama's re-election mean for freedom? As I discuss in my syndicated column this week, individual liberty will be curtailed.

      So... We need to "fix" government! According to P.J. O'Rourke, that requires:

      ... "fixing" government the way we neuter a cat or spay a dog.

      When it comes to foreign policy, we must teach our politicians to stop making messes in other people's yards. At home, they should stay out of our bedrooms.

      Term limits would be good. When we give politicians power, they should know they don't get to keep it forever. They have to bring that power right back to us and drop it at our feet. "Good boy. Now go back outside!"

      Politicians ought to be tamed.

      Sadly, President Obama's swooning fans don't want to tame politicians. They don't even seem to think much about freedom. We attended Obama's victory party in Chicago (we go so you don't have to) and asked his supporters what Obama's reelection means for freedom. People reacted as if they didn't understand the question.

      "Freedom?" one asked.

      "Um, yes, I have no idea," said another.

      It's not on their radar, and that's upsetting. Some wouldn't know freedom if they fell over it.To many, "freedom" means getting the government to force women's employers to pay for birth control.

      Sorry, that's not freedom. That's force.

      Obama's supporters seem to think it's enough to put this extraordinary man in office. After that, he will take care of everything. Spare us the details.

      "Obama is a classic example of this cult of the presidency," said David Boaz of the Cato Institute. "But the idea that any politician can just fix the problems in society -- that there's some magic there -- that doesn't start with Obama. It goes a long way back."

      The rest of my column here.

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