• Is Romney For Big Government?

      A couple weeks ago, I criticized Mitt Romney in a column for being a "Big-Government Man." So Ann Coulter came on my show to tell me that I am wrong (the interview here.) "What you call ‘pandering' is called getting elected," said Coulter.

      I go through some of Coulter's points in my latest syndicated column:

      Romney wants to increase military spending. America is going broke, and yet we still spend about as much on "defense" as all other countries combined. How can we afford this?

      "For one thing, I do trust Romney to cut a lot of government -- more than Ronald Reagan did. That's why we need Romney right now as much as we needed Reagan in 1980. This is a free-market guy. He saved companies from going into bankruptcy. He saved the Olympics from going into bankruptcy. In Massachusetts -- the Soviet Union -- he balanced the budget and cut taxes. You need someone who'll go through the budget line by line and look at the things that can be cut."

      But he says he's going to increase military spending by $2 trillion!

      "With a booming economy we're going to have under Romney, we will have so much money we won't know where to spend it."

      The rest of the column is here.

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