• WINNING THE PRESIDENCY -- New Stossel Special (airs tonight at 9pm on FBN)

      In a Fox News Special, John Stossel goes behind the scenes to show viewers what goes into WINNING THE PRESIDENCY.

      Veteran campaigners like Bob Beckel, Ed Rollins, Patti Solis Doyle, and Karl Rove share their war stories and reveal what really happens inside campaigns. They tell Stossel how campaigns try to micromanage the "message", telling the story that THEY want told. Campaigns are often won and lost based on "moments" the public remembers.

      Stossel goes to a Romney rally -- not to talk to the candidate, but to show what happens behind the curtain. Hundreds of people work for hours and hours to produce the political theater that gets voters to the polls. Fox Presidential campaign "embed" Nicole Busch reveals what life on the road is like. Nicole and our experts demonstrate the love/hate relationship between campaigns and the media. Neither side trusts the other, but they both need and feed off of each other.

      Then, the most high stakes events: the debates. Our experts reveal what goes on in the secret debate prep sessions. Debate coaches who prepped a real President coach Stossel. Stossel learns from his debate prep that style and confidence often matter more than substance.

      One thing is for sure: people don't always vote based on their knowledge of the issues. Stossel learns this all too well when he shows people on the street pictures of prominent politicians. Many don't even recognize the Vice President.

      Even a cynic like Stossel, depressed by uninformed voters and manipulative political consultants, has to acknowledge that there is something very good about American Presidential elections. We're civilized about it. Rollins and Beckel, who battled ferociously in politics for years, are close friends. Unlike much of the rest of the world throughout history, our elections lead to a peaceful transfer of power.

      See the full episode below:

      Stossel - 9/28/12 - Winning the Presidency