• Union Power (airs tonight at 9pm on FBN)

      A few things I heard at a rally of 10,000 union members in Philadelphia last month: Workers should have a "Second Bill of Rights"...people told me that everyone is entitled to a "living wage"... We (not our employers) own our jobs... "Slackers" should be helped rather than fired.

      On our show this week, my guests and I discuss unions and what they really do for workers.

      John Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute talks about the Chicago Teachers' Union strike and what it says about union power.

      Our special correspondent Kennedy also went to that union rally in Philadelphia. She got a more hostile reception than I, probably because she tried to get some to sign her "Second Bill of Rights" for business owners.

      Georgia Congressman Phil Gingrey explains that government workers get something called "official time." This means that you pay... so they can work full-time for their union.

      Elizabeth and Mallory Factor, authors of the new book Shadowbosses, say unions manipulate government and rob taxpayers.

      Steve Malanga the Manhattan Institute points out that union pensions are bankrupting cities and states. But two states reformed their systems for the better- Utah Governor Gary Herbert explains how Utah put itself on a more fiscally responsible course.

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      Stossel - 9/20/12 - Union Power