• A Libertarian for President

      I'm glad Gary Johnson is in the presidential race. Unlike most politicians, he makes the case for strongly limited government:

      Johnson proposes to cut federal spending by more than 43 percent: "Balance the federal budget now. I think that unless we do that, we're going to find ourselves in a monetary collapse."

      To do that, he'd go where the money is. He'd cut the big programs that will soon bankrupt us. That includes Medicare. Conventional wisdom says what he's proposing is cruel and, for a politician, suicidal.

      That's something Johnson said on my FBN show last week. I don't hear that often, but he's correct.

      "Look, we've got to slash Medicare spending. If we don't, we're going to find ourselves with no health care whatsoever. Medicaid, same thing. Military spending, same thing."

      I wish more people understood that government doesn't deliver. Individuals do. Markets do.

      I like Johnson's message: Let no one be coerced by government beyond the small amount needed to fund a limited government that keeps us safe. Do not let government forcibly take other people's money. When in doubt, leave it out -- or rather, leave it to the market and other voluntary institutions.

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