• Republican Convention Celebrities

      We've got a Special Correspondent down in Tampa for the convention. "Kennedy" used to be an MTV VJ. Here is her guest post on my blog:

      As we were lumbering through the hot plastic tents, sweating like laboring elephants at the RNC in Tampa, we stumbled upon a Baldwin. No, not Alec or Billy or even Daniel, but the youngest of the blue eyed New York acting spawn who found his way to the GOP through G-O-D. With bright, crazy eyes and a drenched head Stephen smiled and we reconnected after years of hiatus since we last left off at MTV Spring Break, 1995. While Stephen may not star in The Avengers, he is, by birth and sometimes professionally, tethered to Hollywood as an eager ham but a reluctant insider. He's the Baldwin liberals love to loathe, and for that alone we knew he'd make great fodder for our camera. He stood for an interview, exposed the truths of entertainment politics, and encouraged me to trademark the website "feel-my-quads.com". Oh, Stephen, the more things change the more I hope you never do.