• The Media Get It Wrong (airs tonight at 9PM on FBN)

      Gallup polls show that most people don't trust the media. Good. They shouldn't.

      Tonight, we'll look at today's media and what we do wrong.

      We (I include myself) sacrifice important news time for stories that are mostly shallow entertainment. Megyn Kelly, host of America Live, joins us to discuss.

      With all the talk of liberal and conservative bias, media outlets have emerged to keep other news sources in check--websites like the Media Research Center and Media Matters. But how far will they go to expose those they disagree with? The Daily Caller's Tucker Carlson says Media Matters went too far.

      Pollster Frank Luntz tells how the media abused him.

      Bernie Goldberg talks about how the audience seeks out news that supports pre-existing bias.

      Glenn Beck will tell us why the internet may soon render my job obsolete.

      Increasingly, young people get their news from comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Is that a good thing? Greg Gutfeld, host of Red Eye, will be here to talk about that.