• Why I'm a Libertarian

      In my syndicated column this week, I touch on why I feel threatened by both political parties.

      I'm a libertarian in part because I see a false choice offered by the political left and right: government control of the economy -- or government control of our personal lives.

      People on both sides think of themselves as freedom lovers. The left thinks government can lessen income inequality. The right thinks government can make Americans more virtuous. I say we're best off if neither side attempts to advance its agenda via government.

      Even when parties' rhetoric is about limiting government, they usually fail to follow through. Or they make it bigger:

      George W. Bush ran for president promising a "lean" government, but he decided to create a $50 billion per year prescription drug entitlement and build a new bureaucracy called No Child Left Behind. Under Bush, Republicans doubled discretionary spending (the greatest increase since LBJ), expanded the drug war and hired 90,000 new regulators.

      Bush's increases in regulation didn't mollify the media's demand for still more.

      Then came Barack Obama and spending big enough to bankrupt all our children.

      For more on why government just keeps growing, and how much better things would be with less of it, the rest of the column here.

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