• We Know What Works

      On last week's FBN show, I said: ‘Even though the private sector is more efficient, politicians and bureaucrats usually won't let go. They want their tentacles on everything. And the public is usually happy to go along, because we're imprinted to believe the specialists in Washington and state capitals know better.'

      Cal Thomas adds to the point in his column today.

      "In part it's because politicians speak only in poll-tested sound bites and rarely focus on what works. It isn't as if we don't have a history that can teach us. We know what works, but politicians too often prefer the issue to the solution...

      The way to a healthier economy and a stronger government is through the private sector, not government. It doesn't require a surgical procedure to remove that "imprint" that government can do it better; just a different way of thinking."

      I'm happy that Thomas likes my show. Not all conservatives do.

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      Cal Thomas