• Freeloaders

      Some Americans actually make a living ... begging for money. Professional panhandlers, they're called, sometimes making more than $100 in a day. I tried it in Manhattan, and made over $11 in one hour--that would be $23,000 a year--tax free!

      It's a small example of why some said that the USA is turning into a nation of freeloaders. The Manhattan Institute's Heather MacDonald says that beggars she's encountered "have the most deep-seated sense of entitlement that I've ever come across."

      From those defaulting on their home mortgages, to those who see lawsuits as a lottery ticket, many Americans live off the hard work of others.

      I look at how government turns people into freeloaders. Did you know that any black person who has farmed or "attempted to farm" can collect $50,000 from the Federal government? "Attempted to farm could mean anything," says black farmer Jimmy Dismuke, "My little three year old grandson could attempt it."

      We'll introduce you to a woman who didn't pay her mortgage for 25 years. I confront the founders of "youwalkaway.com", a website dedicated to advising people on how to walk away from their home mortgages.

      Some of America's biggest recipients of handouts are rich people. The biggest corporate freeloaders may be the biggest industrial corporation in the world: General Electric.

      General Electric CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt is super-close to President Obama. The president named Immelt chairman of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Before that, Immelt was on Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board. He's a regular companion when Obama travels abroad to hawk American exports. (Why does business need government to do that?)

      I'll also reveal some of my own freeloading. Federal flood insurance is a freebie for those of us rich enough to have waterfront property--I collected on that. People like Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen take advantage of tax benefits that are supposed to help farmers.

      Is America becoming a nation of freeloaders?

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