• Out of Work! (Airs Saturday at 10pm et and Sunday at 9pm et on FNC)

      "There are no jobs!" That is what people told me when I visited a NYC " jobs center" near my Fox studios.

      Is it true?

      Tonight, I look into that, when I join Fox Business anchors for a special on Fox News Channel, "Out of Work".

      My team of four producers explored the area within a few blocks of the "jobs center" and in a few hours, found 40 job openings. 24 were entry-level positions.

      Less than one block away, a restaurant owner told me he would hire 12 to 14 people immediately, if eager workers would just apply.

      Why don't they? Why work if you can get a check from government without working? Studies show that one third of all unemployed workers suddenly find a job only when their government checks stop.

      It's not just in the city. We also went to the beach, where some seasonal workers, like lifeguards, collect unemployment benefits all winter long.

      Fox News Special