• Uncertainty Paralysis

      This month's job data show that job growth continues to be unusually sluggish. In my syndicated column this week, I say that should come as no surprise, thanks to the President's policies:

      President Obama would do us all a big favor if he'd ask himself this: "Would I start or expand a business without knowing what regulations or taxes government will impose next year?"

      If he'd just stop and ask that, he'd have a sense of what's wrong with the economy. He'd understand why a country that must create 120,000 new jobs each month just to absorb newcomers created only 69,000 last month.

      Past recoveries were quicker. Something is different. What could it be?


      On top of the existing mountain of red tape, the Obama administration has piled on more, with more to come. Obamacare was less a specific prescription than a license for the Department of Health and Human Services to write new rules, lots of which are yet to be written. No one knows how the bureaucrats will micromanage health insurance.

      Would you take the risk to start or expand a business when you don't know what the rules would be? I wouldn't.

      For more on what's wrong - and how we can fix things - the rest of the article is here.

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