• Rich Man, Poor Man (airs Saturday at 3PM and 10PM on FNC)

      People complain about poverty in America. But what does poverty mean today?

      This recent Heritage Foundation study shows that poor people have cars, air conditioning, modern electronics--things even kings didn't have decades ago.

      There is wealth disparity, but that isn't bad; it's just a byproduct of freedom, and life is better when people are free. The rich get richer, and the poor get...richer.

      People want government to help the poor, but Charlie Sykes, author of A Nation of Moochers, joins us tonight to talk about how government programs make people dependent.

      Scott Rasmussen polls people on income inequality and shares some surprising results.

      Cliff Asness share why it's income mobility we should worry about, rather than income equality.

      On thing that hinders that is government schools. Patrick Byrne joins us to explain why school choice will improve prospects for kids.

      We're certainly not helping kids with unsustainable programs like Social Security and Medicare that push debt onto future generations. Charles Goyette and Marc Lamont Hill debate the fairness of entitlements.