• "Bad" Speech (Saturday at 3pm and 10pm ET on FNC)

      Pat Buchanan joins us tonight to talk about being fired from MSNBC, supposedly because his bosses didn't like what he wrote in his book, Suicide of a Superpower.

      We'll also hear from Naomi Riley, who lost her job at ‘The Chronicle of Higher Education' after writing this blog post about university black studies departments. Naomi was branded a racist. Since her husband, Jason, is black, he'll join us as a surprise guest. They'll talk about how honest debate gets stifled in academia.

      In Norfolk, Virginia, Central Radio Company is fighting to keep its land and business alive. Norfolk plans to seize it using the eminent domain law. Central Radio hung a protest sign on their building...only to be told by city inspectors that it was too big (although several signs elsewhere in Norfolk are much larger). Institute for Justice attorney Steve Simpson will be here to explain why he's defending the business owner's First Amendment right to have the sign.

      Despite these assaults on speech, Americans should be thankful that we have a 1st Amendment that protects our right to voice our opinions. That's not the case in much of the world. In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament, was put on trial for calling Islam a "dangerous ideology" rather than a religion. He joins us to discuss his book, Marked for Death.

      Finally, I'll talk about the people who want me fired for my "repugnant" and "indefensible" speech.

      Free Speech