• Food Nannies Clueless about Reality

      Food nannies have told us for years that poor people are overweight because they lack access to healthy foods.

      First Lady Michelle Obama claimed that at the "Food Desert Summit" in Chicago a few months ago:

      "If folks want to buy a head of lettuce for a salad, or some fruit for their kids' lunch, they'd have to take two or three buses, maybe pay for a taxi cab in order to do it, to go into a different community just to do the basics for their kids. And a lot of people don't have the time, and quite frankly, they don't have the money. That adds to the cost of doing the right thing for your family."

      I also heard this argument in February at the Intelligence Squared debate, "Obesity is the government's business." My debate opponents said that government ought to make sure that people in disadvantaged neighborhoods have access to grocery stores where they can buy fresh produce, and parks where they can exercise. Then everyone can be happy and skinny!

      Oops. Now even the New York Times reports that "food deserts" don't exist.

      Poor urban communities have nearly twice as many supermarkets as richer areas.

      Sure, they also have more fast food restaurants and convenience stores. But as I say in No They Can't, unless politicians decide they can force you to eat broccoli, some people will choose to eat junk.

      Let them.

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