• Can Government Do Anything Well?

      My new book is out this week! It’s been eight years since my last one.

      In this week’s syndicated
      , I explain why I call the book: No, They Can’t.

      I’m suspicious of superstitions, like astrology or the
      belief that “green jobs will fix the environment and the economy.” I understand
      the appeal of such beliefs. People crave simple answers and want to believe
      that some higher power determines our fates.

      The most socially destructive superstition of all is the
      intuitively appealing belief that problems are best solved by government.

      Opinion polls suggest that Americans are dissatisfied
      with government. Yet whenever another crisis hits, the natural human instinct
      is to say, “Why doesn’t the government do something?”

      And politicians appear to be problem-solvers. We believe
      them when they say, “Yes, we can!”

      In 2008, when Barack Obama’s supporters shouted, “Yes,
      we can!” they expressed faith in the power of government to solve problems.
      Some acted as if Obama were a magical politician whose election would end
      poverty and inequality and bring us to “the moment when the rise of the oceans
      began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

      At least now people have come to understand that
      presidents -- including this president -- can’t perform miracles.

      In other words: No, they can’t!

      Buy the book here or here to see hundreds of examples of how government CAN’T. But there is also good news, examples of private individuals succeed while government fails (hence the subtitle). Please buy the book for all your friends so I can join Rachel Maddow on the best-seller list!

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