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      When I tried to open a lemonade stand outside my Fox office, I learned about the piles of regulations that make it so tough for new businesses to get off the ground. But it's not just burdensome paperwork. Some entrepreneurs are charged with crimes, simply for trying to be entrepreneurs.

      Tonight, we'll be joined by small business owners who get squeezed.

      Shelly Goodman wanted to start a bed and breakfast at her big home on ten acres in Arizona. Greg Garrett tried to farm oysters on his property in Virginia. Both were stopped by the bureaucrats' endless rules.

      Medical Marijuana is legal in 17 states. Lynnette Shaw sold it in California for 15 years. She had support from the town's mayor and planning commission. But the feds demanded that she shut down.

      The smell of cigars disgusts me, and I'd support some rules against cigar smoke in public places, but Rocky Patel, owner of one of the largest cigar businesses, will explain how the government goes way beyond that.

      Climatologist Roy Spencer will tell us how the EPA's constant push for new laws chokes-off commerce without improving the environment.

      The bill for regulation has increased sharply under the Obama administration, says a new Heritage Foundation study that Alison Fraser will explain.

      Michael Holthouse got rich by creating the computer company Paranet and selling it to Sprint. He sees the need for small business, so he now runs Lemonade Day, an event that shows thousands of kids how to run their own business.

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  • This Week's Show -- July 3, 2014

    DOOM AND GLOOM MEDIA: The media tell you about problems-like poverty, climate change, an energy "crisis." But "The Rational Optimist" Author Matt Ridley says "actually, things have been getting better, much better."


    LIFE GETS BETTER: Author Robert Bryce says most everything today is "Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper."


    FREE MARKETS: Vox.com writer Zack Beauchamp understands things are better. He says, "markets are a big part of the story... because they spark innovation." But he's also a lefty who believes is plenty of government regulation. I'll push him on that...


    FRACKING FEARS: Is fracking dangerous? People tell us it is. My state has banned it. But FrackNation creator Ann Mcelhinney says fracking is "a marvelous thing" and "we need more of it, not less."


    MEDICAL MARVELS: Today is one of the most exciting times in history for technology and medicine. Cardiologist Dr. Kevin Campbell explains that doctors now can provide things for patients, like 3D Printer produced organs, that we never imagined were possible.


    HOW FAR WE'VE COME: Chris Cheng is a gay and Asian male-a twofer in terms of historic discrimination. But now he works with the NRA and makes speeches about guns. That almost certainly would not have happened in the "good old days."


    MY TAKE: Politicians will destroy our future if they continue to ban innovation with regulation. But despite our irresponsible politicians, life has gotten better. Google will inform us about most anything within seconds. Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and email allow us to share all kinds of things. And all of it's free. If innovators can just keep creating new things faster than politicians and regulators can kill them, our future will indeed be the good NEW days.


    9PM ET on Fox Business Network