• What Is Fair?

      Life's not fair. We learn that as children when we whine to our parents. Politicians like to pretend that they will make life more fair.

      President Obama says he'll do that by raising taxes on rich people and giving the money to poorer people, as well as politically favored businesses. But that hardly makes life fairer.

      In my syndicated column this week, I look at what politicians call "fairness":

      Big-government politicians bemoan income inequality, but would equalizing incomes make life fair?

      To many, it is intuitive that such inequality is necessarily unfair. If someone makes his income by looting the taxpayers -- sure, that's unfair. His gains are ill-gotten, and honest taxpayers are out hard-earned money. But there's nothing unfair simply in making more money through productive work. People have a range of talents and ambitions. Some will serve consumers better than others and therefore make more money. Government should not worry about that.

      It should spend its time abolishing political privileges so that people compete fairly -- in the marketplace.

      You want to know what's unfair? Social Security. Progressives say Social Security is the best-working government program ever, but they are wrong. I explored this on my show recently with Charles Goyette, author of "Red and Blue and Broke All Over."

      "Think about Social Security in terms of what would happen if a private company came up with a deal like this," Goyette said. "The president of the company says, we've got to sell some new policies tomorrow to pay you what you're due when you cash in today. They'd lock these guys up."

      The rest of my column here.

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