• Too Many Laws! (Tonight at 9PM on FBN)

      My last Fox News special "Illegal Everything" showed how government's mountain of rules stifle entrepreneurs and make criminals out of everyday people. I tried to open my own lemonade stand but New York City made it difficult. The government said I had to pass a 15-hour food protection class, which included questions about barracuda and puffer fish.

      Tonight, we revisit some guests from "Illegal Everything" and others who have to deal with the piles of laws, which, at the federal level alone, now total 160,000 pages.

      Anne Sattley, a mother from Ohio who wrote, "Technically, That's Illegal", will explain ridiculous rules on the books in her town that are broken daily. Fox Business' David Asman will stop by to explain how too many rules and regulations cause confusion and halt economic progress, as he saw while reporting on Latin America.

      Do we need new laws that restrict access to sugar? Anti-obesity Meme Roth says yes, to protect the interests of kids. She and others want soft drinks to be sold behind the counter. A new article in the science journal Nature suggests that sugar be regulated like alcohol and tobacco.

      Paul Chabot , former advisor to the White House Drug Czar, will return to argue the merits of the drug war. Portugal decriminalized drugs ten years ago and that helped reduce drug abuse. Chabot doesn't think Portugal's drug policy is a good example.

      Bunny Ranch sex worker Brooke Taylor says legal prostitution is safer, as it is practiced in some areas of Nevada. Former prosecutor Lis Wiehl will debate her.

      Finally, government has cracked down on popular internet gambling sites like Bodog. Former New York Senator Al D'Amato now lobbies to protect internet gambling , and he'll explain why laws that restrict your right to gamble online are dumb.

      I will give him a hard time about dumb laws he proposed when he was Senator. One was so dumb that I did my very first "Give Me a Break" story on his proposal to ban ATM fees (that would have basically eliminated ATMs)! I doubt that he remembers that.

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