• End America's Drug War -- A Lesson from Portugal

      We've all heard the arguments against drug legalization: It would be anarchy! Americans would ingest dangerous substances wildly! They would randomly commit violence! Society as we know it would cease to exist!

      The people of Portugal heard these claims 10 years ago, when the country decriminalized all drugs.

      People predicted the country would spiral into chaos. So did that happen?


      Independent studies found that, after the drug law passed, the number of Portuguese who regularly do drugs stayed about the same. Problematic and youth drug use went down.

      We spoke to a chief police inspector in Lisbon who was very dubious about decriminalization. But now he's a convert. He told us, "the level of conflicts on the street are reduced"..."drug related robberies are reduced"...and "now police are not the enemies of the consumers".

      Adults in a free society should be able to ingest anything they want to, as long as they don't injure somebody else.

      Apparently, the people of Portugal figured that out. The results are good.

      We'll take you to Portugal tonight on my special 'Illegal Everything', airing at 10pm on FNC.

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