• Limits to Idiocy?

      Today I was shocked to see the new Mercedes Benz advertising campaign:


      Great. Mercedes goes Communist? It had something to do with a new web application that is supposed to make it easier for people to car pool. Car pools-sharing-Communism-Che Guevera and Revolution...get it? And Che is so good looking!

      I understand that some idiot teenagers and OWS protesters think that way. When I see them in their Che T-Shirts I like to tell them, "Hey, what a great T-shirt... do you have the full set?" They ask, "what do you mean?" I answer, "Do you have the Hitler and the Pol Pot shirt too?" They stare back cluelessly.

      Is my comparison unfair? Hitler and Pol Pot did kill more people, but Che was a murderer. He personally executed dozens of people. He is said to have taken sadistic pleasure in killing. He may have killed hundreds of people. Communism continues to wreck lives. I understand that OWS protesters may not know that, but shouldn't the giant German car company know it?

      Then, some good news: Just as I was railing about the idiocy of our political and cultural discourse, and before I could ask Mercedes Benz if they planned a "Viva Hitler" campaign next, Mercedes apologized!

      Apparently, there are limits to idiocy.