• Your Instinct Is Wrong (Sunday at 3pm ET on Fox News)

      Instinct tells us flying is dangerous, charity helps the poor, price gouging is evil, and every adult should vote.

      This week, I challenge those instincts and so do some of our guests, including Leda Cosmides, a UC Santa Barbara psychologist and Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine. They will explain why evolution makes us bad economists.

      Our instinct also fails us because much of what we fear is safer than many everyday things, like crossing the street. David Ropeik, author of "How Risky is it, Really?" will explain why people worry about the wrong things while ignoring greater risks to our health.

      Does business helps more people than charity? I'd argue yes, because business creates wealth. Southern Illinois history professor Jonathan Bean gives another reason: the market combats racial bias.

      We always hear that it's our duty to vote, but I say: some of you shouldn't vote. I asked people in Times Square to identify the major presidential candidates. Many couldn't. I got some ridiculous answers.

      Many people knew reality TV stars but didn't know our political leaders. George Mason economics professor Bryan Caplan explains the "myth of the rational voter."

      Tonight, discover why your instinct is wrong.

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