• Cuts? What cuts?

      Once again, some people are hysterical about nonexistent cuts to the military.

      Yesterday, President Obama announced that over the next 10 years he wants to slow the increase in military spending.

      Rep. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) criticized "massive cuts to our military."

      "Obama cuts defense to the bone, and then some," according to The Right Turn in the Washington Post.

      My Fox News colleague KT McFarland writes that Obama is "slashing the defense budget."

      I like KT, but she's wrong. Obama plans to increase military spending - just not as much as politicians previously planned.

      Calling this "massive cuts" is being as misleading as liberals were when Republicans proposed to slow the growth of entitlement programs. The White House blog claimed that such proposals would mean "ending Medicare as we know it, slashing Medicaid, and threatening Social Security."

      Both parties are guilty of using misleading language and opposing responsible cuts. That's one reason why government spending looks like this:

      Federal Spending 1953 - 2011

      Government Spending