• Government Healthcare Gone Wrong (Tonight at 10PM on FBN)

      This week I report on Obamacare, government-run healthcare in general, and their unintended consequences.

      Companies advertise "free" scooters and power wheelchairs on TV. But nothing is really "free." In the end, taxpayers pay. Yet the U.S. Inspector General says many people who got $3,000 power wheelchairs you funded should not have gotten them.

      In some cases, the customer didn't need them. Others could have used a much cheaper device. In 52 percent of the cases, the Medicare claims were "insufficiently documented to determine whether the power wheelchairs were medically necessary." Medicare paid $700 million for the power wheelchairs anyway.

      President Obama claims Obamacare is good for business. There's logic to that. If government pays, business won't have to. European businesses don't have to pay for their employees' health insurance. Doesn't that give them a competitive advantage? "No!" say the CEO's of Staples, Best Buy, and BB&T Bank. They say Obamacare is a job killer.

      A doctor who stepped down to take a less prestigious job, U.S. Senator, agrees. He lays out what he thinks we should do instead of Obamacare.

      Finally, I report on a Catholic college that is suing the feds, because Obamacare may force it to violate its religious beliefs by providing contraception to employees.

      Government healthcare gone wrong. That's my show this week.

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