• Who Creates Jobs: Tomorrow on FNC at 10PM and 1AM, Sunday on FNC at 3PM

      Tonight, I interview six prominent CEOs, members of a new group called the Job Creators Alliance.

      I want to learn the secrets to their success, and whether they could create as many jobs today, given today's regulations.

      I'll talk to leaders of companies like Staples, Best Buy, a restaurant chain, and one of those evil bankers we always hear about. They'll tackle job creation, immigration rules, regulation, and they explain how they made it in business.

      Sadly, all say that today, they could not do what they once did. That's sad, since these six alone built companies that employ more than 200,000 people. Today, they say, there are so many regulations that such entrepreneurship is nearly impossible.

      The CEOs' perspective...that's our show this week.

      Tom Stemberg, Staples Founder

      Brad Anderson, Former Best Buy CEO

      David Park, Austin Capital CEO

      John Allison, Former BB&T CEO

      Mike Whalen, Heart of America Group President

      Stephen Zelnak, Marietta Materials Chairman

      Job Creators' Alliance