• Ten Years to Greece

      A member of the European Parliament, Daniel Hannan, worries about what he calls "The New Road To Serfdom." He says Europe is imploding, and it should be a warning to America.

      I interviewed him for my FBN show. And expand on his argument in my syndicated column this week:

      I told him that most Americans don't notice Europe struggling. I hear people say: "I went to Paris. I went to Rome. Things are OK."

      Hannan replied:"Things are OK in the same sense that a house that is massively overmortgaged can still be a nice-looking house. ... But there comes a point when the bills are due, and we've reached that point."

      Greece reached that point a while ago. There, rioters throw firebombs at police because the government can no longer afford to give people all the free stuff it once promised.

      Unfortunately, America also has out-of-control government programs. As this graph shows, the CBO projects that in just ten years America's debt will be just as bad as that of Greece:

      Debt Forecast for the United States

      Will Americans learn from Europe's example before it's too late? For more on that, the rest of the column is here.

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