• Unintended Consequences (Tonight at 10PM on FBN)

      This week, I report on the awful unintended consequences of big government meddling in our lives.

      Central planners often have good intentions -- they just want to "feed the hungry" and "heal the sick" -- but now we have a crushing debt that could take us off a cliff. I'll talk to Congressman Paul Ryan about that.

      Unions were supposed to be good for workers, but I'll show how union work rules kill prosperity.

      I'll report on the new light bulbs you'll soon be forced to use. A new music video mourns the loss of regular light bulbs.

      Presidential candidate Gary Johnson is on the show, to explain how the rough treatment he's received from the GOP could result in unintended consequences for Republicans: Johnson running as a third party candidate.

      And finally, I'll turn to Europe -- where the promises of the central planners have led to a debt crisis that grows worse by the minute.

      The unintended consequences of big government -- That's my show, this week.

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      Unintended Consequences