• Free Speech "Zones"

      Whenever I think Valdosta State University, Texas Tech, and Citrus College once had small designated campus "free speech zones," which implied that the rest of the campus was off-limits to protest and other forms of speech. All those school got rid of their free speech limits after they were mocked in the media. I then naively assumed that the college bureaucrats had been permanently embarrassed. I was wrong.

      One reader just sent me this email:

      ...had to send you this photo I took 2 years ago on the campus of Chico State University. I thought it was ironic to have a "Free Speech Area" with this notice about restrictions.

      Campus "Free Speech Zones"

      No meetings? No handbills? What can students do at free speech zones? Apparently, not very much.

      University bureaucrats continue to amaze. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, helps students fight such dumb rules. I sent the picture to Will Creeley, FIRE's Director of Legal and Public Advocacy. He pointed out that:

      FIRE named CSU-Chico's sexual harassment policy-which bans faculty from making "stereotypic generalizations"-our Speech Code of the Month for March 2011. We also rate Chico a red-light university for maintaining policies that clearly and substantially restrict student speech.