• Another Home Scam

      A new Washington Post investigation finds more waste in the Department of
      Housing and Urban Development “HOME” Investment Partnerships Program.

      75 construction projects drew and spent $40
      million in HOME funds with little or nothing built. That is in addition to the
      nearly 700 potentially delayed projects …

      Rep. Ed Royce calls for an end to the program.

      HUD representatives have claimed that this waste makes up only 3 percent
      of HUD funds. Gee, just 3%! That’s good for government work? I bet
      we’d find more if we could see how they spend the other 97%.

      The yearlong investigation uncovered a
      dysfunctional system that delivers billions of dollars to local housing
      agencies with few rules, safeguards or even a reliable way to track projects.

      Included in this waste were 55 tax-payer funded projects that ended in
      empty lots.

      Government should not fund these projects. Because it does, developers, instead of seeking
      better ways to build, fight to get money from Congress. Since government doesn’t know how to manage,
      some developers never even build.

      The poor who are supposed to be helped --are not helped.

      Government Spending