• Absurd Chemical Scares

      Once again, the news media are upset about a chemical. MSNBC headlines:

      "BPA in pregnancy linked to behavior problems in baby girls"

      Mother Jones reports:

      "BPA Makes Little Girls Anxious and Depressed"

      This is moronic media hype. The authors or the study that prompted those scare stories only said there "might" be a link. As usual, they say

      "There is considerable debate regarding the toxicity of low-level BPA exposure, and the ndings presented here warrant additional research."

      They conclude:

      "The clinical relevance of these findings is unclear at this point."

      And there are 800 other studies on the subject, about which the European Union Food Safety Authority concluded last year:

      "The data currently available do not provide convincing evidence of neurobehavioural toxicity of BPA."

      Despite the evidence, media scares, scientifically ignorant environmentalists, and lawyers who feed off them, have persuaded eight states to ban BPA, and thirty more are considering it.

      Such hysteria is one more reason why unemployment stays high and growth is slow.