• Charter School Burnout

      The blob (the education establishment) likes to say that charter school teachers are more likely to burn out and leave the profession for good. One writer said,

      "Teachers at charter schools often ‘burn out' due to the longer hours and higher levels of stress due to the higher standards they are held too [sic]."

      Steven Brill made the same claim on my show. It's true, but misleading. Charter schools are more likely to be in poor areas, where teacher burnout is more likely.

      Burnout isn't a charter school problem, it's a disadvantaged school problem, according to a recent study by National Charter School Research Project.

      Teachers in charter schools are 52% more likely to burn out, but if you control for the fact that charter school teachers are more likely to work in disadvantaged areas and be just out of college, the opposite is true.

      The study finds:

      "Teachers working in urban charter schools are 24% less likely to exit the system than similar teachers working in urban traditional public schools."