• More Imaginary Green Jobs

      Another green jobs initiative has failed. Just a few weeks after Solyndra's default, the Inspector General of the Labor Department said that a $500 million green jobs training program should be shut down.

      The Labor department said 79,854 people would get jobs (where do they get these numbers?), but oops, only 8,035 people found employment:

      With 61 percent of the training grant periods elapsed and only 10 percent of participants entered employment, there is no evidence that grantees will effectively use the funds and deliver targeted employment outcomes by the end of the grant periods.

      The IG report recommends that the remaining funds be returned to the Treasury. Will they be? Labor Dept. officials want to keep spending and told the NY Times this was an "‘initial lag' in the project. Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training Jane Oates said that performance is expected to ‘significantly increase over time.'"

      They always say things like that.

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