• More Fake Farmers

      Last year, Congress chose to give to give millions more dollars to black farmers who claim they were discriminated against by the US Agriculture Department -- I've reported that lots of the money goes to people who never farmed.

      In my report, Othello Cross, a lawyer for the farmers, admitted to us on camera that there was fraud. Now, Andrew Breitbart points out that yet another farmers' lawyer has chimed in. She said:

      "I actually went to a meeting in Alabama, where these white lawyers from Texas had hired... black people to go into all these black churches and they literally told black people: 'Oh, you didn't have to farm. It doesn't matter if your grandfather never farmed. If you ever thought about farming, youre eligible for this lawsuit.'"

      That squares with what black farmer Jimmy dislike told us earlier this year. He says he heard lawyers say things like:

      "If you had a potted plant -- you're a farmer. And if you have a yard and you fertilize it, you're a farmer."

      As a result, many non-farmers alleged discrimination and got $50,000 checks from Uncle Sam.

      And the government continues to pay. When I reported on the fraud, the government had just settled a lawsuit with Native American farmers who alleged discrimination -- agreeing to pay them, as well. Since then, the government has also agreed to pay female and Hispanic farmers who claim discrimination.

      Do the politicians care about fraud in the payouts? They don't seem to. I guess they figure: it's taxpayer money; it's free.

      Watch the segment on the fraud here: