• Let 1,000 Nations Bloom (New Show Tonight at 10pm on FBN)

      I titled my show tonight, "What if Libertarians Were in Charge?"

      I don't expect the world to become libertarian any time soon. But perhaps "free cities" will take hold and give people options to move to a more libertarian society.

      The best example of a "free city" is Hong Kong. In just 50 years, it went from being one of the poorest places in the world to one of the richest: per person income rose from $676/year in 1960 to $45,446/year now. That happened because Hong Kong's British rulers sat just around, and - aside from enforcing laws against murder and theft - left their subjects alone.

      Now, Michael Strong and Magatte Wade have started a movement called the "Free Cities Institute."

      "We want to encourage thousands of people around the world to create new governments that have different kinds of rules, each competing for customers," Strong says.

      Stong's wife, Magatte, is an entrepreneur in the African country of Senegal. She says that "free cities" are especially important for the developing world, where big government keeps people in poverty. She knows that from running a business in Senegal, where "You cannot fire an employee. ... [Starting my company] was an ordeal."

      Tonight she and Strong explain their hope to create a "free city" in Senegal and elsewhere. The free city would have none of those burdensome regulations.

      Tune in tonight at 10pm for more examples of "free cities" .

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