• $16 Muffins

      The New York Post headline reads: "$16 muffins hard to swallow". The muffins, courtesy of the Justice Department, are the latest example of government waste gracing the front page of today's papers. The politicians are lining up to criticize: "It is clear that while American taxpayers were tightening their belts and making difficult financial decisions, the department was splurging on wasteful snacks," said Frank Wolf (R-VA) in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder.

      I'm as outraged as anyone at the waste in the government, but what do we expect? Government wastes money and hides behind rules and regulations because there is no MARKET to hold jillions of government workers accountable.

      The problem isn't the waste - the waste is just a symptom of the REAL problem: Government is too big and does too much.

      Let's cut it down to size.