• Get Government Out Of Marriage

      Should gay marriage be legal? That makes sense to me. Shouldn't all consenting adults should be treated the same way?

      But last week, I had Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage on my show. He says we should absolutely not allow gay marriage. From my syndicated column today:

      "Deconstructing marriage is a very bad idea," said Brown. "We see the rising rates of divorce and unwed motherhood. There is a direct correlation. If you look at any social indicators -- children raised without mothers and fathers -- you see higher rates of incarceration, juvenile delinquency that cost the state money."

      Sorry, but I still don't see what divorce and unwed motherhood have to do with gay marriage. It's mostly straight people who are doing the divorcing and unwed mothering.

      "All of that ... started long before anyone brought up gay marriage," David Harsanyi (libertarian columnist at The Blaze) said.

      We wouldn't have to debate any of this if government would just get out of the business of sanctioning marriage altogether. Let individuals and churches decide what they want to call "marriage" instead.

      For more of Brown's arguments against allowing gay marriage, and my rebuttals, the column is here.

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