• President Herman Cain?

      Of all the Republican Presidential Candidates, Gallup says Herman Cain has the highest "positive intensity score." That means voters who know him - like him.

      That's a good thing, and I like Cain because he has an impressive record in the business world. He turned around the failing Godfather's Pizza. Unlike most politicians, he understands business, and the damage regulation does.

      "If the government were to mandate an increase in minimum wage today ... it would simply drive the unemployment rate even higher."

      That's something he said when I had him on my FBN show for the full hour last week. I loved Cain's respect for business, but I was disappointed by his stance on freedom and free markets. He doesn't want to kill ethanol subsidies without giving farmers other special help:

      "Once you help the farmers get their products to market all over the world, they won't need those subsidies and the free market principles will perform much better because then we should allow ethanol, methanol and all sources to compete in the marketplace."

      And he supports the war on drugs:

      "First, get serious about restricting the amount of illegal drugs coming into this country. ... I refuse to accept defeat by simply legalizing it."

      I say: that would be no defeat. Let people do what they want.

      But I'm glad there's someone in the race who's not a career politician. Here's the rest of my column for more on Cain's views.

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