• A Businessman President?

      The political class mocks Herman Cain - former CEO of Godfather's Pizza - for seeking the Presidency because he has never held elective office... never been a politician... or even worked for one. "How absurd that he wants to be president," they sneer.

      Why? When I think about "career politicians," I think of Anthony Weiner. He worked for Senator Chuck Schumer right after he graduated college. He never held a real job, a job outside politics. Neither did Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, etc.

      I'd prefer a businessman president to a career politician. Business people have experience making tough decisions. They know that they can't just run up huge amounts of debt, and that sometimes they must cut costs if their organization is to survive. Business people know they have to be efficient and meet deadlines...or they go OUT of business.

      I wish politicians understood that.

      Several American presidents never held elected office before becoming President or Vice President: Zachary Taylor, William Howard Taft, Chester Alan Arthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and of course, George Washington... maybe the greatest president. Grant and Hoover too - but they aren't the best examples.

      Would Herman Cain make a good president? I devote my full show to him to help you decide.

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