• David Mamet's Conversion

      Hollywood routinely attacks capitalism. Liberal writers portray free markets as evil and heartless. They believe it.

      In my syndicated column this week, I talk about one new exception: David Mamet, a playwright who used to think capitalism was bad. In his 1992 movie "Glengarry Glen Ross", one character says, "The rich get richer, that's the law of the land."

      Over the past few years, Mamet experienced a conversion. In his words:

      "I met a couple conservatives, and I realized I never met any conservatives in my life.... (O)ne started sending me books. His books ... made more sense than my books."

      Mamet was suddenly exposed to ideas he had never encountered before.

      "Shelby Steele's 'White Guilt,'" he said, "led me to the works of Tom Sowell and through them (F.A.) Hayek and Milton Friedman." Two things hit him especially hard: the benefits of economic competition and the limits of leaders' ability to plan society.

      With a stagnant economy, high unemployment, and clumsy government continuing to grow, it's time for other cultural elites to follow Mamet's lead. Here's the rest of my column.

      Brain Dead Liberal