• A Major League Waste of Time

      With a record setting national debt, multiple wars in the Middle East, and a stagnant economy, you'd think that politicians would focus on real issues.

      Instead, they focus on baseball.

      Today, baseball all-star Roger Clemens goes to court after allegedly lying to Congress about using steroids.

      This is expensive. When the Feds went after Barry Bonds, the taxpayers had to cough up more than $55 million to pay for it. I bet Clemens' case will cost at least that. Why should you have to pay for this?

      At the time Clemens allegedly took steroids, lots of players did, and the substances weren't even illegal in private MLB.

      Congress loves such hearings because they bring the narcissists the media attention they crave. Since 2000, there have been 11 congressional hearings related to Major League Baseball.

      Clemens may have lied to Congress about using Performance Enhancing Drugs.

      But he shouldn't have been in front of Congress in the first place.