• This Weeks Show: Declaration of Independents

      What's your political affiliation?

      Republican? Democrat?

      Or are you an independent?

      Most said " independent" when we asked people outside my office.

      In their new book, "Declaration of Independents," Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch from Reason say that independents with libertarian politics are on the rise, and they can fix what's wrong with America. Why? Because everything in our culture is being democratized, and the parts of America free from government control are getting better.

      "Citizen journalists" like Andrew Breitbart break stories the major networks would miss or ignore.

      Fewer people are jammed into narrow categories of race, sexual preference, or style...we're becoming a culture of "mutants," say Gillespie and Welch.

      iPhones...Facebook...YouTube...all of these new innovations are designed to give individuals more choices and ways to express themselves.

      And people expressing themselves is a great way to be independent. Music and pop culture liberates people all over the world ... and constantly pushes forward tolerance and freedom of speech. Former MTV personalities Kurt Loder and Kennedy say a freer culture means freer people.

      Government impedes progress. What government controls -- education, health care, entitlements -- government messes up. What do they all have in common? Too little choice, and too much regulation.

      This week, I have the solution: We declare independence from government and government control. "Declaration of Independents" airs on FBN at 10pm EST. Re-airing on Saturday and Sunday at 9pm & midnight EST.

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