• Who Is Gary Johnson?

      In the Republican primary, there's a voice that has been largely ignored: Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico. He didn't even get invited to last week's CNN debate.

      He argues for limited government, and his record proves that he will stand up for it: as governor, he vetoed 750 bills and eliminated a thousand state jobs. I wanted to hear more about what he would do as president, so I devoted a full hour of my Fox Business show to getting his take on the issues.

      My syndicated column this week highlights what Governor Johnson had to say:

      "The government has a role to protect me against individuals that would do me harm -- whether that be property damage or physical harm. The federal government has an obligation to protect us against foreign governments that would raise arms again us. But beyond that, government does way too much."

      His view on the war on drugs is unique among his Republican contenders:

      "I would legalize marijuana. ...When it comes to all of the other drugs, we should look at the drug problem first as a health issue rather than a criminal justice issue. ...I have smoked marijuana. I have drunk alcohol, although I don't do either today. The big difference between marijuana and alcohol is that marijuana is a lot safer."

      He also has some strong opinions about American involvement overseas:

      "Where was the congressional authorization to go into Libya? Where in the Constitution does this say that because we don't like a foreign leader we should go in and topple that foreign leader? (We) need to look at the unintended consequences of these actions we take. ... We do all of these good things in the name of liberty, and the consequence oftentimes is much different."

      Read the rest of the column to learn more of Johnson's ideas for tackling the enormous size of government.

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