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      What's with this endless Casey Anthony trial? It's gone on now for a month. The media obsession with cases like this is called "missing white girl syndrome." If you are white, young and pretty--think Natalee Holloway, Laci Peterson, Elizabeth Smart, and now Caylee Anthony--shallow media will give your trial lots of coverage. It's one reason why I left 20/20.

      But we admit that we are often shallow. We grovel for ratings. What I don't get is how the pompous poobahs of the legal profession justify spending so much money and time on such trials.

      The typical murder trial lasts about 15 days. Casey Anthony's is expected to last 8 weeks. O.J.'s trial went on for 8 months! The self-indulgent lawyers preen and adjourn...and resume and preen, and slowly ask and re-ask every conceivable question. The lawyers love it ("Hey mom, I'm on TV!"). The publicity might make them some money later. But Americans are supposed to be equal under the law. It is wrong that judges let lawyers drone on and on. It's wrong that we in the media rarely point out the inequity of it.

      Casey Anthony's trial will cost Florida taxpayers big bucks. The state is on the hook for Anthony's legal bills, which total $127,280.74 so far. Taxpayers also finance the prosecution's case. We don't know yet how much that will be. Florida will spend more than $360,000 just to house and feed the jury.

      The state barely has money to pay for child abuse caseworkers, but there is no stop to the money for lawyers to show off in endless televised trials? That's wrong.

      Casey Anthony